Best Protein Powder In India 2019: A Complete Guide

Best Protein Powder For Men And Women In India With Best Price

Proteins, in any form whether it is from food sources or supplements, is an essential part of our healthy diet. It helps us lose weight, build muscle, recover faster from strenuous physical activity and of course, to stay healthy.

However, we cannot get all the protein we need from the food. Athletes and people who go to the gym to workout need more protein to have fast and effective recovery after a workout.  The solution is taking protein supplements in the form of protein powder. It comes with a wide range of benefits from weight loss, gaining strength to muscle growth. It also plays a huge role in the body by help for cell renewal and repair. Protein is also a fundamental building block for creating new muscles, cartilage, blood, bones, and skin.

During work out, our muscle develops micro tears with the strenuous cardiovascular and lifting activities. When the work out is done, our body starts to work harder and repair this small muscle tears and rebuild them to be thicker and stronger than what it used to be. This is to prepare the body in anticipation of future stress.

Our body cannot readily get all the protein it needs in the food we eat. Therefore, in order to have the protein that our body requires, a supplement like protein powders can provide the required amount. Protein powders came in a variety of options and made from different ingredients. They also contain different amount of protein in each serving.

Here is your complete guide on how to choose the right protein powder and your best options in the Indian market today.

What you need to look for When Buying Best Protein Powders In India

In whey protein, there are three forms of protein. They are available in three forms: concentrate, hydrolysates, and isolates. Protein concentrates are made by directly extracting the proteins from food using heat, acid or enzymes. There is around 60 to 80 percent of protein present in concentrates while the remaining percentage goes to carbohydrates and fat.

The second form of the protein can be found in supplements is protein isolates. They are purer and usually contain about 90 to 95 percent of protein. They do not also contain much carbohydrates and fat, and therefore, they are a much healthier and cleaner option of protein. Since they have a higher protein content, they are also more expensive.

The third form of protein, hydrolysates can be commonly found in supplements. They are similar to protein concentrates, but it undergoes further acid treatment and extraction with a higher amount of enzyme. This process breaks down the protein further and in return makes it easier for the body to process and absorb. This form of the protein is known to increase the insulin level of the body and among the three promotes an increase in muscle growth.

Aside from the forms of protein, there are also different protein sources. Here are the common sources of protein powders: whey protein found in milk, casein protein also found in milk but longer to absorb, soy protein from soybean, egg protein from eggs and pea protein is the vegetarian option.

The main things for consideration when buying a protein powder are the following:

  • Value – This is the benefits of a product, less the drawbacks and divided by the cost. In simple terms, it is what and how much you are getting from your purchase after weighing in the pros and cons.
  • Quality – In reference to a protein, this is the statement of products appeal over other choices. The quality of protein powder is governed by several requirements: Amino acid profile, yield, WPI: WPC Ratio, taste, Ease of use, blend ability, digestibility, Filler Percentage, and results.
  • Yield – this is equivalent to the percent of protein in a serving.
  • Amino Acid Profile – Look for the two essential classifications of Amino Acids: Branch Chain Amino Acid and Essential Amino Acid.
  • WPI: WPC Ratio – When buying protein powder, pay special attention to the ingredients on the label. Things to look out for on the list are a combination of Whey, Egg, Caesin, and Soy. Finding these ingredients in one product covers all your protein requirements.
  • Filler Percentage – Filler is unavoidable in protein powders as they act as extenders. In protein powders, they are non-protein and non-amino acid. Look for a product with a low filler percentage.
  • Taste – Make sure you purchase protein powders that you can stand because, in the long run, your body needs it.
  • Ease of Use – Here you measure two factors: blendability and digestibility. Your protein powder should easily mix using a shaker bottle or with a cup and spoon. It should also not make you feel bloated and full.
  • Results – We buy products for one thing: results. When you do buy protein powder make sure they are not because it has nice packaging.

Best Protein Powders In India

This list of protein powders is made to reflect what you value most, and that is quality. All of these products meet high standards of quality and come from trusted brands that have proven record of quality and excellence. In addition, you do not have to pay high in this high-quality whey protein.

MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein

 Best Protein Powder In India

This protein powder claim to fame is that it can speed up muscle recovery after a strenuous workout and gets your body ready for the next activity. MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein (New WHEY Gold Standards) is a combination of whey concentrate and whey isolate. It is gluten-free, and according to its manufacturer, there are no extenders and that this protein formula is augmented with a large number of natural amino acids.

It comes in one flavor, double rich chocolate. There is no issue with its mixing ability, and in fact, you can mix it with water or milk. In terms of its effectiveness, it has zero sugar and about 71% of protein per serving. It proves to be beneficial for some, who saw results after two months of using the protein powder.

The packaging is good, and it is properly sealed. However, there is one drawback, and that is, the strong smell coming from the powder that resembles a chemical compound. The MuscleXP 100% Whey Protein is moderately priced, but a lot are complaining about its value for money because many find it to be a slow performer.

  • It mixed well with water and other liquids without clumps
  • It can last long because of its small serving size
  • 71% protein component and Zero sugar
  • The product is moderately priced

  • With a chemical-like smell
  • With reported side effects like bloating and skin breakouts in some first-time users

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Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Ripped

 Best Protein Powder In India

This protein supplement is formulated to help in the growth of lean muscles and at the same time in losing weight. It contains whey isolate that is ultra-bioavailable and tested weight loss ingredients.

Muscle Tech, a leading bodybuilding supplement brand in the US, manufactures Nitro Tech Ripped. The company has made high profile scientific research to come up with a product like this. According to its company, it contains about 30 grams of protein per serving and one of the cleanest source of protein for athletes and gym goers.

As to its other features, this protein powder from Muscle Tech has isolates that aid in digestion, high levels of amino acids. It is also easy to prepare as it dissolves faster. The multi-phase technology used in its preparation helps reduce lactose impurities and fats. It is prepared in a GMP certified facility to make sure that its quality and integrity are at the highest level.

  • It contains whey isolates and weight loss ingredients
  • It has 30 grams of protein per serving
  • Easy to prepare, it can be dissolved in water and other liquids
  • Support the growth of lean muscles

  • Lactose content can cause gas and bloat
  • Without a combination of working out, it will not be effective in weight loss

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OZiva Protein & Herbs

 Best Protein Powder In India

A typical Indian diet leans heavily towards more carbohydrates and less on protein; therefore, a protein supplement in the form of protein powder is necessary to have a balanced meal. The lack of presence of protein in a meal plan for weight loss actually keeps the body from burning faster and thereby not achieving the desired weight. The notion that protein powders are only meant for athlete and people who go to the gym should be erased because even women need protein supplements too.

OZiva’s Protein and Herb stands out because it is the first protein product in India that is actually high in protein. It contains about 22 grams of protein per serving that has Class A whey isolates. This helps the body improve its metabolism and stabilize its fat level. It also includes ayurvedic herbs that will aid in the overall health of the body and not just as a performance protein.

  • It is easy to use and mixes well with other ingredients
  • It is a wholesome protein rich powder
  • The high protein content of 30 grams per serving
  • Low in sugar

  • You need time to adjust to the taste
  • High sugar content

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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder

 Best Protein Powder In India

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey protein has protein isolates that is one of the purest forms of protein in the market. It filters out the extra lactose and the fat from the whey and which enables it to pack about 24 grams of protein in every scoop.

This is an instant protein powder, meaning you can enjoy it by mixing it in a cup of water with a spoon. No need for blenders and other kitchen gadgets. Another great point about this protein powder is that it contains about 5 grams of Essential Amino Acids like Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine.

Based on reviews most people love the taste of this protein powder with two flavor options to choose from. It is best to drink this protein first thing in the morning because it tends to digest fast. You can also drink it following a gym workout to aid in muscle repair.

  • It contains about 24 grams of protein
  • It comes from a well-known, respected brand
  • It digests well without gas-related stomach trouble
  • It blends easily with water

  • Because it is an isolate, it is more expensive than its competitors are

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Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein

 Best Protein Powder In India

Combat Protein Powder is a supplement that contains five macronutrient sources. Muscle Pharm, a company that has been around since 2010 with products sold in many countries worldwide, develops them. Athletes and people who are gym-goers rely on this efficient and powerful product that can bring reliable results hence the trust on its company.

This supplement is a preferred choice by athletes because of it can be digested easily and absorb the fast acting proteins. It is also great not only for athletes but also for weight-loss and should be taken after waking up as breakfast. It is satiating and gives a feeling of fullness for a very long time.

This product has an additional blend of BCAAs. However, taking more BCAAs than what your body can handle can cause side effects too. Some of them include fatigue, reduced dopamine levels, diarrhea, and loss of coordination, serotonin, norepinephrine, and histamine.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Fast Amino Acid Absorption
  • Low in calories
  • It has additional BCAA blend

  • Very high cholesterol
  • It does not taste good

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BPI Sports, ISO HD, 100% Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolysate

 Best Protein Powder In India

ISO HD is an ideal protein powder for both men and women because it is pure, digest fast and is a clean protein powder. It is a good protein supplement for post workout since it has a high dose of protein that will help the muscle recover within minutes of consumption because it is fast absorbing.

This protein powder is consist of the three forms of proteins: concentrates, hydrolysates, and the isolates. With all these forms, the protein is digested and absorbed by the body easily. It also has the right BCAA count that is needed to hasten the process of muscle development. It can also boost endurance and strength too.

Careful examination of its nutrition facts reveals that ISO HD has only one gram of fat and one gram of sugar and it contains 120 calories preserving which is the lowest among the protein powders reviewed so far.

  • Promotes lean muscle development
  • It is digested and absorbed by the body quickly
  • High BCAA count that promotes faster growth and recovery
  • Low in fat, sugar, and calories

  • It cannot replace more than one full meal a day because of its low calorie

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ALLMAX Nutrition Isoflex 100 Ultra-Pure Whey Protein

 Best Protein Powder In India

Known as Isoflex, it is a protein supplement that can help you get the maximum results. This is the flagship protein supplements for the AllMax Nutrition company and the brand that started it all. This protein powder works by using the 100% whey protein isolate for an easily digestible protein source for the body that can help your muscle to recover quickly. Unlike other protein sources that are hard to digest, Isoflex is not. It is also low in fat and calories.

As mentioned earlier, Isoflex claims that their protein blend is made from protein isolates of many different processes. This is actually a good feature because the less are the sources of protein, the cleaner it is. High quality bends like this is fully loaded with proteins. It also has just the right amount of BCAA that can reduce the recovery time and helps build muscles and provides energy during the workout.

The protein blend has a good line up of ingredients with an average calorie count, zero fat and cholesterol, low carbohydrates and 27 grams of proteins in each serving.

  • Healthy blend from simple protein sources
  • Helps decrease recovery time
  • Taste good
  • Zero fat and cholesterol, low in carbohydrates

  • Not good for people with dietary restrictions
  • A little expensive

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Cytosport Muscle Milk Protein Powder

 Best Protein Powder In India

This is a very popular brand of protein that helps many people who want to maximize the rewards from their workout. The goal of their protein supplement is to increase lean muscle and maximize the recovery.

Muscle Milk Protein Powder is a common brand of protein supplements in many ways. The key is the convenience, so their protein powders are very easy to use. It works by utilizing a blend of proteins from different sources that will promote the growth of lean muscle in the body. Since they are digested easily and comes from natural sources. The rate of muscle development is faster.

It derives its protein from rapidly releasing whey and the slow digesting micellar caseins. Since then it has high-quality sources, it has a better effect on the muscles. This protein powder contains vitamins and minerals too. The only drawback on this product is the number of calories, fat, sodium and carbohydrates.

  • Protein is derived from high-quality sources
  • Very popular and trusted brand
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Convenient to use

  • Does not contain supplemental BCAA
  • Contains fats, sodium, carbohydrates, and other fillers


Proteins are essential in building and repairing muscles especially for athletes and gym goers. However, you cannot get all your protein requirements from the food you eat especially if your body needs more protein than normal. The best solution is to use protein supplements. With so many protein powders available in India, you should know what to look for to get the best.

When choosing protein powders, consider the overall nutritional information, formulation, the type and specs of its ingredients and the company behind the product. Each brand of protein powders has their own advantages and disadvantages. The goal here is to get all the information to help decide on the best protein powder.

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