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Top 10 Best Perfumes in India for Men and Women Under Rs 500

Best Perfumes in India for Men and Women Under 500

Since the ancient times, men and women love to wear fragrances to make them feel beautiful, happy, sexy, elegant, and calm or whatever the mood they want to explore. Perfumes are part of history, and it has continued to evolve through time. The competition between the fragrance companies is very tough, and the industry is always searching for the next big scent. A unique fragrance can surely intrigue the potential buyers, and when they come up with a fantastic fragrance, this company will be on top.

An average perfume scent can be quite fancy, and the high-end ones can be a thousand dollar per bottle. Some of the determining factors that could determine the price of the perfume are how unique, pure and exotic the scents are. The brand name can also be a determining factor along with the bottle design. The company that made the perfume and created the fragrance can sway the price too.

 Many people have their signature scent that they are loyal to. A dab or spritz of their favorite perfume can instantly make them feel refreshed and ready to face the day. It is a form of self-expression and communicating oneself. This is why picking a scent is complicated.

A Guide to Buying Perfumes

Choosing a bottle of perfume is a highly personal venture, but when you find the ideal scent, the reward is worth the effort. Just like finding your wardrobe, perfume is an expression of your personality and style. This guide will help you with background information, which is necessary for you to make a well-informed buying decision.

Scent Structure

To have an idea of how the perfume smells is to understand the structure concerning base, middle and top notes. The top note or sometimes also called the opening or headnote is the first scent that one will smell when it is applied to the skin. The top note disappears quickly and usually last up to 30 minutes. Typically used as a top note are the lighter ingredients like lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.

The middle notes or the heart notes is the second scent that will come out after the top note fades away. Usually, heavier florals like lavender, jasmine and ylang-ylang and rose are used. In some perfumes, spices are used like cinnamon, cardamom, and coriander. The medium note is the most crucial element of the fragrance and can last up to five hours.

The base notes or the bottom notes are what held the scent together. They are also responsible for slowing down the evaporation if the other notes. This is the scent that will linger on your skin. The commonly used ingredients are musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.


This is another factor to consider in choosing a bottle of perfume. The higher is the concentration of the fragrance; it means that it contains more oils than alcohol. The smell will be stronger and can last longer. Here are the most common types of concentrations:

  • Perfume – This means that the perfume is pure or have the highest concentration of fragrance. It will last the longest and generally command the highest prices. Also, this perfume suits people who have sensitive skin.
  • Eau de Perfume – This is the next highest concentration of fragrance. It can last about five hours and the most common type of room and the best option for everyday wear.
  • Eau de Toilette – This perfume is also another popular concentration but will only last to about three hours. This is a perfect perfume for daywear.
  • Eau de Cologne – It generally has lower concentration and with a high concentration of alcohol, and are sold at low prices with a scent that can last up to two hours.
  • Eau Fraiche – this has even lower concentration than Eau de Cologne, and instead of a large amount of alcohol, they are mostly made up of water.

Before setting out to search for your perfume that will be your signature scent, consider first what you want to do with perfume. By knowing this, you can narrow down your choices from the start. It is time to try using your nose to select the one that feels right.

Top 10 Best Perfumes In India For Men And Women

Top Five Best Perfumes for Men In India Under 500 INR

Park Avenue Elevate Perfume Spray for Men

Best Perfumes in India for Men

This perfume is from the well-known brand in India that offers stylish and original product range. It has now gone into the foray of grooming products for men as part of their move to become a premier lifestyle brand in the country today. With its products, evolution comes a captivating perfume that should be a part of every gentleman’s grooming essentials.

This perfume spray has the sensual yet masculine fragrance that makes it a top choice for men who wants to smell good the whole day through. According to Park Avenue it can to stay the entire day, but this may not be true as the perfume is mixed with an emollient. You may need to have a second or third spray to keep you smelling fresh all day.

The smell is excellent and impressive with a sweet and aromatic note. It does not overpower and instead evokes a subtle hint of spice and musk. The first spay may be strong, but the scent leaves a trail in the room if only for a while. The perfume is nicely contained in a thin aerosol spray can which is just ordinary but useful. The only problem is since it is aerosol, it may contain only about 60% of perfume, and the rest is gas.

  • The fragrance is sweet and not overpowering
  • It is easily accessible in the market
  • Easy to use in an aerosol container
  • Combined with an emollient that may be irritating

  • The smell does not stay long
  • It contains about 40% of air

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Arochem Aro Magnet Oriental Attar Concentrated Perfume Oil

Best Perfumes in India for Men

The most significant selling point of this perfume is that it is free from alcohol or any other reagents that is a rarity in the perfume industry these days. Attar is one of the names to describe this type of fragrance, but generally, they all have the same characteristics. They are pure fragrances with no adulteration or added alcohols or any other chemicals.

They are perfume oils that enable the perfume maker to add scents in layers to achieve the smell they planned. In this perfume, oriental spices were added on the attar oil which is derived directly from the plants. The essential oils from plants and other elements in nature are sourced to create an intricate smell that could last up to 48 hours some would say.

The purest attar oils are costly but lucky for you; this perfume is friendly on the pocket. It is pleasant to the skin too as the attar oil does not cause any irritation. The layers of scent in the perfume oil slowly peeled away throughout the day leaving a delicate and powerful oriental fragrance not only on the skin but also in the air.

The product’s packaging is excellent and looks expensive. You can wear this perfume that whole day through smelling so goods and attractive.

  • In an alcohol-free formula
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • The scent is not overpowering

  • Layering the perfume is recommended to make it last longer
  • The smell is not fresh when worn in the summer

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RimZim NEED Pocket Perfume

Best Perfumes in India for Men

Pocket perfumes are the economical alternative to its expensive counterparts. Right now it has become everybody’s best friend because they are reliable when you need to smell good instantly as they are easy to carry. Compared to heavy glass bottles, they are more comfortable and safe. A small travel size cute bottle can easily fit in the bag or your pocket. You can smell good while on the go anytime and anywhere with pocket perfume.

The Need pocket perfume by RimZim is a perfect example of these perfume trend in India. It belongs to the floral aldehyde group meaning the scent has an alcohol content. The top note is made of bergamot lemon, naroli and ylang ylang. It smells refreshing and clean. The heart notes are composed of jasmine, lily of the valley, iris, and rose which represent the floral component of the scent. Finishing off the elements of this perfume are vetiver, vanilla, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood for its base note.

Since it is an Eau de toilette, the top notes fade away faster followed by the heart notes. What is left is a strong whiff of vanilla and sandalwood. This smell is sweet and not overpowering; however, it can stay only for a few hours. It is recommended that you spray every three hours to keep the scent with you the whole day.

  • Perfect balance of the top, middle and base notes
  • It transitions between each scent faster
  • It leaves a fresh smell of vanilla and sandalwood that stays on the skin
  • Handle pocket bottle fits perfectly in small spaces

  • You need second and third spray to keep up the whole day
  • Alcohol content evaporates the perfume faster

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Bond Euro Scent Hunter Unisex 20 ML (300 Shots) Pocket Perfume

Best Perfumes in India for Men

The main highlight of Bond Euro Scent Hunter is the packaging that it manly and unique. Since it is a pocket perfume, it is not hard to carry them in your pocket or bag as compared to a perfume bottle. It is called a pick pack packaging, that is designed specifically designed to fit in a regular pocket. It fits into the palm of your hand, and it is made of hard plastic so it won’t break easily.

The perfume has a fresh and clean top note due to its cologne accord, followed by a smoky smell enough to create an impact. The scent is completed by a timeless musk with patchouli and a woody base to exude an aromatic note while introducing its elements that tend to liberate the sense. When you use this perfume, you will feel fresh and alive. It is recommended for use during the summer to invoke a fresh and clean feeling whenever you are outside.

Only about two or three sprays of the perfume are enough to last the whole day. This is because it contains more essential oils than any other perfumes in India. The scent is also universal; even women can use it.

  • They come in durable packaging
  • It is compact and can fit comfortably in the pocket
  • They are not very expensive
  • The perfume can last longer

  • Should be worn for daytime affair only
  • Brief lifespan of the top notes

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Osr Tommy Boy Spray Perfume for Men

Best Perfumes in India for Men

It is easy to tell a man from a boy, and this perfume does the trick. The oriental scent adds mystery to the person wearing it, but the smell does not overpower. What is nice about Osr Tommy Boy Spray Perfume For Men is the scent is well balanced and hits all the right notes with a delicate balance of citrus and spices. A quick spray of his perfume will quickly settle down with a hint of freshness from the citrus. This is the allure of the perfume because when someone leans in what he will catch is a sniff of something refreshing. Another good thing about this perfume is it settles well in the skin and lingers even after a hectic night.

If you are planning to attend a special evening affair, a spritz of Osr Tommy Boy Spray Perfume For Men will make you stand out of the crowd. A whiff of perfume that can last throughout the night as the scent transitions sweetly through each note.

  • It transitions beautifully between each note
  • Gives off the crispiness of oriental scent
  • The warm vanilla tones linger on the skin to mix with own scent
  • Perfect for a special event in the evening

  • The second spray is necessary to make the scent last longer
  • The design of the perfume bottle is not comfortable to use

Best Perfumes for Women In India Under 500 INR

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Bond Euro Scent FIRST LOVE Perfume 20 ml for Women

Best Perfumes in India for Women

When you are looking for a refreshing fragrance that is as elegant as you, then Bond Euro Sent First Love is the obvious choice. This is an Eau de Toilette that offers an edgy, yet still feminine scent for women who are confident for who they are.

This perfume leaves a clean, and fresh scent followed by lush floral whiff and settles sweet smell that lingers in the room. This is because the perfume is composed of top notes of juicy mandarin and floral violet leaves that combines a powerful boost of fresh and sweet fruity note to exude a flirty yet sensual smell. The addition of freesia for the heart notes tones down the sweetness and brings softness to the nose before leaving a dominant amber and musk as its base.

Even if the price point of this perfume is less than a hundred, it is perfectly packaged in a beautiful bottle that is sleek and can fit in the bag for perfume on the go. The smell does not last long, so you need this bottle for a second or third spray if you are working the whole day. You can wear it during day or night too.

  • A subtle and elegant perfume that is not too sweet
  • The fragrance tends to mellow quickly but leaves lingering notes
  • With good silage
  • It has a distinctive fragrance due to the short note list

  • It does not stay long; you need to have the second spray
  • With limitations on when to wear the perfume

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Arochem Rose Concentrated Roll on Perfume/Attar

Best Perfumes in India for Women

This concentrated perfume is the blend of the world’s finest essential oils with rose oil being the most prominent scent as the base note. The bright top note is a zesty combination of lemon and bergamot with Indian basil and French lavender. This gives the perfume an exotic yet refreshing character that burst into life with a slight whiff of citrus.

The heart notes is an alluring blend of precious rose that is grown in the French village and combined with iris from the Hills of Tuscany. This unique combination is powerful and rich leaving a powerful scent across the room. After the heart notes the perfume graduates into a warm and sensual scent made of agarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver. The sandalwood is a perfect combination with the rose. A tinge of musk adds the depth and body that the scent needs. The result is a perfect perfume oil worn by a feminine and confident woman.

This perfume is non-alcoholic; therefore it can last long up to 48 hours. Its reliability and long life is probably its biggest strength. It is packaged in a sleek roll-on bottle that is easy to use and kept in the bag to bring with you anywhere you need it.

  • It is subtle and pretty
  • The perfect cohesion of scents
  • With soft and moderate silage
  • Soft smell is not overpowering

  • It can last up to three hours
  • It is suitable for daytime wear only

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PiKSTUDiO GOLD Eau De Parfum Perfume

Best Perfumes in India for Women

Pik Studio is one of the most prominent homemade brand in India that make beauty products that combine traditional Ayurvedic methods with modern scientific innovations which results in a high-quality product that is not very expensive. As a homegrown company, they are very successful in this formula and ventures into perfume making.

The top note is a combination of bergamot citrus, tangy tangerine, and green apple to show its fruitiness while the floral heart is a concoction of freesia muguet, peony, magnolia and freesia and to add a subtle character, red fruit and peaches were added. The base tones are made of cedar wood, amber and oakmoss thereby creating a luxurious and rich finish. It is not overpowering, and that scent is overwhelming, with a lasting smell throughout the day.

This powerful scent is all packaged in a beautiful, and chic gold bottle with a peek of the pretty liquid inside. A cloud of perfume has an alluring and sensual character that has a strong aroma yet still smells crisp and fresh. The spicy-floral and musky-wooden scent combo works well and does not overpower the room

  • A perfect blend of sweet spice and musky-woody scent
  • It is long lasting and does not dissipate quickly
  • The scent is stylish it can match any age
  • The packaging is unique and protects the liquid inside well

  • Very faint sillage
  • Packaging is quite bulky to carry with you

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Arochem Charming Girl Concentrated Perfume

Best Perfumes in India for Women

The popularity of fragrance oils is rising because they are more concentrated, with fewer fillers and they tend to stick to the skin longer, plus they don’t contain dehydrating chemicals. With the natural oil, it includes the skin is more likely to absorb the scent, and it is safe and is suitable for most skin types. This is the strength of Arochem in making perfumes, most of their products are concentrated oils like this Charming Girl Concentrated Perfume.

In India, it is called Attar and Charming Girl is no exception. It has a fresh character owing to the apple tree, blackcurrant and camellia flowers that consists its top note. The heart of the perfume is fresh and gives energy as it is composed of mandarin, green citrus, and mint leaves. The character of the perfume is finally revealed in the base notes which is a combination of floral scents from honeysuckle, lily, rose and magnolia that is combined with the sensuality of the scent of sandalwood and cedar wood.

This type of perfume commands attention in the room but does not overwhelm. The perfume oil is contained in a simple bottle with a roll on for easy application. It does not spill and can easily fit in your bag to take with you anywhere.

  • Comes in a simple and elegant bottle with a convenient roll on
  • The fragrance is more on the feminine side
  • Powerful sillage at the beginning
  • It is soft, gentle, and not overwhelming

  • The perfume is light and perfect only for daywear
  • It can last longer and may seep into your clothes

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Revlon Charlie Perfume Body Spray, Red

Best Perfumes in India for Women

A body spray is part of the daily routine of everyone who wants to stay fresh all day. It is something we cannot omit in the daily routine. This is where the Revlon Charlie Perfume Body Spray in Red. The scent is bold, daring and passionate that many women in India loved wearing this particular variant.

The fragrance is contained in a beautiful shiny red aluminum tin with a red cap and pump. This is a sleek bottle at 150 ml, which is the only size they are available. The container is not, but it is durable.

The scent of this body spray is a nice combination of fruity, floral and spicy that makes it luxurious. This fragrance is perfect for someone who wants to smell mysterious. The top notes are made of spices while its middle notes have hints of roses on it that give way to the bottom notes that are a blend of different ingredients with sandalwood as the dominant scent.

This fragrance can stay up to 3-4 hours, and you must keep on spraying after that to be able to sustain the fragrance.

  • The scent is not too overpowering but with good sillage
  • Can fit any age
  • Beautifully packaged in a sturdy bottle
  • The scent has a perfect blend with none of the ingredients stands out over the rest

  • Can last only up to four hours
  • The container is big to carry around inside the bag.


The information above is only an overview of the Best Perfumes in India for Men and Women Under 500 that are currently on top. Whether you are looking build a fragrance wardrobe or just browsing for a new scent for the upcoming season, you can have it. Your choices can range from earthy, spicy, floral, citrusy, flirty, sexy and manly. Find the scent that is perfect for you and that says something about you.

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