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Choose The Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

The body requires a large number of nutrients in order to develop and function properly, and, unfortunately, the schedule that modern society requires us to have does not give us the possibility to eat healthy food. This is where nutritional supplements come in.

Regardless of how chaotic your eating habits are, by taking multivitamin capsules, you can ensure that your body has the everything required to remain healthy. Vitamin supplements can help fortify the immune system and keep organs healthy, in addition to raising energy levels and mental acuity.

This is having been said; we will look at Best multivitamin tablets in India. These have been chosen due to both their popularity as shown by reviews, as well as the credibility of their manufacturer.

Important aspects of buying best multivitamin tablets in india

While multivitamin pills do not require any kind of medical prescription to purchase, there are a few aspects that you should pay attention to in order to ensure that your body can absorb all the nutrients and that there won’t be any unexpected side effects.

First of all, you should avoid products that have both calcium and iron. This is due to the fact that these two substances cannot be absorbed by the body, efficiently, at the same time and may lead to you only getting the calcium that you need and wasting the iron.

Secondly, go for products that have activated substances. The nutrients that are often included in multivitamin formulas can be either active or inactive. Our bodies can process either one; however, more effort is needed to metabolize inactive nutrients.

Lastly, try to avoid products that have synthetic substances such as artificial colorants and substances that are designed to prolong shelf life. These may not have a serious effect on your body; however, they can affect you negatively over time.

They can usually be identified simply by looking at the label. If there is an ingredient that you do not recognize, look it up online and see exactly what it is and how it can affect your body.

So, let’s put them in an easy to remember list:

  • Avoid products that have both calcium and iron;
  • Look for formulas that are made with activated ingredients;
  • Watch out for preservatives or artificial colorants;

As far as side effects are concerned, these depend on a variety of factors, ranging from your natural metabolism to what deficiencies you might have had at the moment of starting to take multivitamin supplements.

However, all of the nutrients will affect the way you feel and how efficiently your body works. Magnesium, for example, can drastically increase your energy levels and may sometimes prevent you from sleeping.

As a word of caution, multivitamin pills should never be mixed. Each brand contains certain vitamins in carefully calculated amounts. Using more than one brand at the same time, especially over long periods of time, can be dangerous and destabilize your metabolism. Some of the risks are:

  • Vitamin saturation – When the body is saturated with certain vitamins the metabolic processes can be accelerated, which may put unnecessary stress on your organs;
  • Poisoning – In large enough quantities, vitamins can become poisonous and have a detrimental effect on your health;

Top 5 Best Multivitamin Tablets in India

1.   MuscleXP MultiVitamin Men Daily Sports – The Best Men’s Sports Multivitamin Supplement on the Market

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

MuscleXP MultiVitamin is widely known as some of the best multivitamin tablets for men, in India. The formula contains a large number of ingredients, all of which are designed to increase metabolic rate and to fortify the body especially during intensive activities such as workouts.

With a total of 47 different nutrients, the formula is a good choice for those looking to increase muscle mass or who are during a period of intense physical activity and want to make sure that their body has every ingredient needed to function properly.

This having been said, the formula is unfortunately only for men, as the quantities of nutrients are calculated in relation to their metabolic rate.


  • 47 ingredients – the formula contains all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and enzymes required to fuel the body and to maximize nutrient absorption;
  • International manufacturing standards – The product is made in advanced facilities that follow all international manufacturing guidelines and rules;
  • For athletes – Contains all the main ingredients required to increase physical performance;

  • All-in-one – One formula contains everything needed to keep the body in perfect working conditions;
  • Designed for physical effort – The product is designed to cater to the needs of those who live a very dynamic life or work out on a daily basis;
  • Only natural ingredients – The formula only contains natural ingredients that can also be found in fruit, vegetables, meat, tea, or herbs;

  • Only for men – MuscleXP MutiVitamin is exclusively for men. The quantities of nutrients have been calculated to suit their needs and women metabolisms may not be able to process all the ingredients;

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2.   Wow Omega-3 Multivitamins – A complete formula that offers all the nutrition the body and the mind may need on a daily basis

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

The Wow Omega-3 formula is designed to offer a complete mix of ingredients that the body requires in order to function properly. Both men and women can use it, and it contains a large dose of Omega-3 extracted from fish oil, that enhances the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.

Apart from containing nutrients that are essential for the functioning of our organs, the formula also contains ingredients that help prevent various diseases related to the heart, lungs, and brain. This makes it ideal as a nutritional supplement for those who do not have time to eat as healthy as they would like.


  • Large amounts of Omega-3 and DHA – The large amounts of healthy fatty acids help regenerate cells and maintain the health of the joints;
  • Reduces bad cholesterol – The formula is designed to reduce bad cholesterol, as well as the risk of heart disease;
  • A complete mix of nutrients – Wow Omega-3 Multivitamins contains all the nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis, making it a complete nutritional formula that is ideal for daily use;

  • Ideal for the average Joe – The mix of nutrients is perfect for those who live a normal lifestyle and would like to ensure that their body has everything needed to remain healthy;
  • General Formula – The product can be used by both men and women, regardless of lifestyle or age, making it great for the whole family, provided that the children are over 18;

  • Basic formula – While the formula does contain everything needed to be healthy, it does not feature nutrients that may cater to the needs of individuals who work out and may need higher amounts of various minerals;

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3.   MuscleBlaze VITE Multivitamin – Designed to build muscle mass and to increase physical endurance

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

The MuscleBlaze Vite Multivitamins are designed to cater to the needs of those who are looking to kick their body into overdrive when it comes to building muscle mass, without exposing themselves to the dangerous ingredients that some other similar products may contain.

Made for bodybuilders and athletes, the formula does not contain steroids or any harmful substances. Instead, it offers all the essential minerals and vitamins required to boost natural testosterone production and to keep the organs healthy during intensive workouts.


  • Designed for active individuals – The formula is designed to help build muscle mass, to increase energy levels, physical endurance, and to strengthen the bones and joints, making it perfect for bodybuilders and those who go through intense daily workouts;
  • Reduces oxidative stress – The product can also speed up the recovery rate of muscles, enabling you to work out more often and for longer periods of time;
  • Boosts immunity – The ingredients can boost immunity by accelerating the natural metabolism of the body;

  • Natural formula – The product is a good alternative to synthetic products designed to improve physical performance;
  • For both men and women – The formula contains enough vitamins and minerals for both men and women;

  • A large amount of iron – The product contains around 17mg of iron per capsule, which is more than other brands. This amount of iron may cause secondary effects for some people;

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4.   NUTRILITE Multivitamin And Multimineral Tablets – Healthy, general purpose Multivitamin Tablets

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

The Nutrilite Multivitamin and Multimineral Tablets are a healthy, all-natural way to ensure that your body receives all the nourishment necessary to remain healthy and to raise your immune system.

While the product does not have a formula designed for a specific category of individuals, such as athletes, it does offer al the vitamins and minerals that regular people normally require from day to day.

One detail that sets this formula apart from others is the fact that every ingredient is extracted from vegetables that have been organically grown, which only provide the body with natural nourishment that can also be found in regular, healthy meals.


  • All-purpose formula – The product is designed for everyday use, and for everyone;
  • Only organic ingredients used – All the nutrients in the product are extracted from organically grown parsley, spinach, watercress, alfalfa, carrot, and Acerola Cherry, ensuring that the body only receives natural ingredients that will improve metabolism, immunity and overall health;
  • Easy to use – The recommended dosage is one pill before each of the three meals, making it perfect for those who do not want to spend time calculating their daily dosage;

  • Organic, healthy, safe – The supplement only contains nutrients that the body actually needs, and in the quantities that are used daily, unlike other products that may contain higher amounts in order to compensate for intensive workouts or very active lifestyles;
  • Natural ingredients – The formula uses only ingredients obtained from naturally grown vegetables and herbs;

  • Not targeted – Those looking for a more targeted formula that caters to the needs of certain types of people such as bodybuilders may find that the nutrients contained in this product are not enough;

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5.   HealthKart Multivit Gold – A premium multivitamin supplement created under clinical supervision

Best Multivitamin Tablets For Men And Womens In India

HealthKart Multivit Gold, is, as the name implies, a premium mix of ingredients that are designed to have several benefic effects on the body. The supplement can improve metabolism as a result of its high polyphenols content, and can be used by children of over 13.

These characteristics, along with the many minerals and vitamins that it contains make it a great choice for the entire family, as it can also be taken by children in order to ensure that they have the necessary nutrients to develop and to grow up healthy.

The fact that the formula uses only natural extracts also makes it ideal for individuals who plan to use the supplement for a long period of time as there are no synthetic ingredients that could harm the body.


  • Good for the whole family – Men, women, and even children of over 13 can take the multivitamin mix;
  • Made from natural ingredients – Only organic plants are used to make the product;
  • Scientifically formulated product – The product is the result of scientific studies on what nutrients the body requires on a daily basis;

  • Great for children – Parents who are worried that their children are not getting their vitamins and minerals from their meals can give the supplement to their children as long as they’re over 13;
  • Studied formula – The product’s formula has been developed as a result of scientific studies;

  • There are fakes – It is important to ensure that you buy from a reliable source as there are quite a few fake products out there;


Multivitamin supplements offer a wide range of nutrients that the body requires in order to remain healthy. Whether you’re looking for the best multivitamin tablets for womens in India or for men, always look at what ingredients it contains, regardless of how popular the product may be.

This is due to the fact that some manufacturers also include synthetic preservers or colorants into their products to extend their shelf life and to make them more appealing. However, this also makes them less healthy.

Overall, all the products presented above have been around for quite a while and have great reviews. Their respective manufacturers have a lot of credibility in this field, and their reputation reflects on the quality of their products.

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