Top 10 Best Organic Honey You Can Buy in India

Are you looking for the best brand of honey to buy in India? You are in the right place, as we will be listing the ten best organic honey in India in this article.

Honey is a superfood and one of the most versatile ingredients one can find not only in cooking but also in many other uses. Among its applications are in weight loss treatments, skin care, hair care, and other health issues. In India, honey has an essential role in their religious ceremonies.

Pure honey is sweet with a smooth texture and warm undertone. It makes you feel healthy and refreshed. Honey in different forms is always a delicious, wholesome and healthy part of a diet.

Because honey has many health benefits, we only want to consume only the best honey in India. Honey is from a natural process so it is evident that the best honey is the organic ones. There are many brands selling honey at varying prices. With many brands available in the market, it is hard to choose the best honey brand. This list provides you with the top ten brands you can choose from for your healthy portion of honey.

Pure, Raw or Natural Honey In India, Which one is the Best?

There are many variants of honey in the market – pure, raw, and organic. It can be quite confusing. To avoid confusion, we believe that you should know the difference between these variants before making a choice.

Raw Honey

If you want the best honey for all its health benefits, you should choose raw honey. The best amongst the best is the local raw honey as it can protect you from seasonal allergies when the source is from your local area. It has all the goodness of honey untouched. This honey is not heated, pasteurized and treated by processes where certain additives can change its integrity. Meaning, you can have its great taste and maximum health benefits.

Natural Honey

When you see the word natural on the label of any food like honey, it suggests that there are no added flavor, color or synthetic substance. However, the term natural is unregulated, and the only way to make sure is to check its list of ingredients if there are any artificial additives.

Pure Honey

Another confusing word describing honey on its labels is pure. This means the honey has no added ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, natural or artificial flavoring. In some labels, you can see them as raspberry or clover honey, which depends on the plant the bees got their nectars.

Choosing The Best Honey In India

The bees convert the nectar of the flowers into honey. However, there are different specific characteristics that you need to look for in honey to get the best quality.


Honey is sweeter than regular table sugar because it contains two sugars: glucose and fructose.

Water Content

The water content in honey is another essential characteristic that you need to look at. Honey has less than 20% of water; hence, no microorganisms can grow on it. This is also the reason why it has a longer shelf life. The premium quality honey has 18% or lower. Honey connoisseur is even saying that not everything above 14% should be considered as premium quality.

To compare the water content of different jars of honey, given that they are at the same temperature, you need to turn them upside down. The bottle of honey with the bubbles rising to the top faster has the higher water content.


Aside from the water content, the processing is another characteristic that you need to consider in choosing honey. The best honey in India should be processed minimally as it should only be strained and slightly heated. Minimal processing means that the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are intact.


The honey with the best quality contains pollen the reason why their appearance are not clear. The filtration process has removed the debris like wax, similar objects, and bee parts but the pollen will remain. When you look at the jar, the clearer the honey inside, the more processed it is. For the best quality honey, you have to look for the least processed, which means it should not be clear.


Honey can come in a variety of colors ranging from dark brown to a lighter shade of yellow. This color is due to the floral source of nectar where the bees are getting the nectar. The color is not a sign of whether the honey is of good or bad quality.

The spoon test

Another way to check the quality of honey is by taking it with a spoon and letting it drip. If the honey dribbles instead of running in a continuous stream, its water content is higher than 20% or it is processed.


In the first three months after you opened the jar, the honey should not crystallize. Different types of honey have different crystallization. There are types of honey that will take years before it crystallizes. The water content is also affected by the water content; meaning if there is crystallization this honey has low quality.

The Best Organic Honey in India

Hitkari Honey

This brand of honey literally means honey and has proven to have many health benefits. It is free from antibiotics and processing, keeping the necessary nutrients and vitamins intact. Although the brand is not very popular with the Indian market. However, during the height of controversies on many brands of honey containing antibiotics, Hitkari stood out as one of the few that is classified as the purest and richest honey. This means that it is safe and healthy.

Another assurance that you are getting only high-quality honey is because this honey is made by Hitkari Pharmacy, a company known for nutritious health drinks.

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Dabur Honey

This honey is from the company that is a leader in the field of Ayurveda around the world and the leading FMCG in India, Dabur. The centerpiece of their product line is the Dabur Honey, the bestselling honey in the country. It is pure and high-quality honey exported too many countries around the world. This honey is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants with many health benefits.

It did not undergo any further process keeping the nutrients intact to provide energy to the human body and strengthen the immune system. It is also good for the hair and skin.

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Beez Honey

Coming from a company that supplies more than 10,000 tons of liquid gold in India every year, it cemented its role as one of the primary suppliers of honey in the country today. They also have different honey variants like lychee, eucalyptus, brassica, among others.

The honey is processed in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern equipment, which only means that it has high-quality standards. The company is following the European Quality standards the collection and processing of this honey.

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Little Bee Organic Honey

The company Little Bee Impex is another heavyweight in the FMCG market in India offering a wide variety of products. Their main product is honey and many variations like Nuts in Honey, Natural Honey, among others. What makes this company different is thee honey extraction is by hand and not with a machine.

They adhere to the strictest quality standards that starts with the origin of the bees up to how their employees maintain the apiaries. You can be sure that theirs is purely organic because these are located in a purely natural environment.

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Apis Himalaya Honey

This brand of honey is another trusted brand in India. According to the company, their honey has unique and genuine flavor, owing to their adherence to high-quality standards. The honey is purely natural and they are not adding any chemicals to the honey during the extraction process.

As a pioneer in the honey production in India, they have an excellent facility that adheres to the food safety standards assuring the customers of the benefits of honey. There are also other variants from their honey products, but the best is still the Pure Honey.

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DYU Honey

This honey is labeled as a Pure Artisanal Honey, with pure therapeutic quality and act as an alternative to sugar for a more health-conscious consumer. The word DYU is a Sanskrit for glow, and it appears to be the description for the honey inside every bottle of DYU Honey. This honey came from the forest in the Western Ghats in Dakshina Kannada. It undergoes natural extraction, and no chemicals were added during the process.

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Zandu Pure Honey

Available in most of the leading online stores in India, Zandu Pure Honey has gained popularity for its organic honey. The brand, Zandu has a full line of organic products, known for their high-quality natural ingredients and purity. This honey adheres to the strictest food safety standards during their extraction and processing without any chemicals used.

All the consumer can get in every bottle is pure, unadulterated honey packed with the vitamins and nutrients they need. Since this product is highly accessible in the market, it is also sold at a consumer-friendly price.

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24 Mantra Honey

This organic honey is pasteurized and filtered to remove any impurities but without the addition of any chemical, that would alter its taste. The pasteurization process kept the essential nutrients and vitamins intact so that consumers can obtain the health benefits it contains. The method also kills the yeast and remove excess pollen and other suspended impurities mixed with honey during extraction. These simple processes not only gives safe honey for consumption but also does not alter its properties.

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Patanjali Honey

Patanjali is a favorite brand in India, and most of them love their honey. It is pure organic honey but not as expensive as most of the branded ones in the market. The packaging of the product is not as reliable as glass jars, but for the price, it is understood. The method of extraction for this honey is all-natural, and it does not contain any additives.

The company that manufactures this product specializes in the manufacture of herbal products. They aim to incorporate Ayurveda principles in modern technology, and the production of this honey is no exception.

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Baidyanath Madhu (Honey)

Another honey that comes from the practice of Ayurveda in India, it is the company’s biggest selling product. The honey comes from the Himalayas and the Sundertan forests. No machine was used during their extraction that will disturb the natural habitat of the bees it came from. Using highly advanced technology, the processing of this is done under the strictest standards to make sure that it retains its flavor, the nutrients and elements that honey has.

Benefits of Consuming Honey

Honey has many health benefits. Even a topical application can enhance appearance and beauty. This is why it is one of the most sought after ingredient by both the health and beauty industries. Here are some of the health benefits you can get from consuming honey.

Serves as a natural source of energy

The glucose component of honey can rapidly convert into energy while the fructose is a bit slower in absorption. Athletes are using honey because it is a natural source of energy.

Treatment of wounds

The variety of honey used in this purpose is the Manuka honey from New Zealand. This honey is processed into Medihoney using ultraviolet light instead of heat and thereby preserving its antibacterial properties. Its PH content, close to the range of acidic is the one responsible for healing the wound.

Allergies and Antibacterial

Honey is widely used to alleviate seasonal allergies. Although the amount of pollen present in honey is not significant enough to build up the immune system against these allergies. In a laboratory condition, it has proven to kill certain bacteria commonly found in hospitals and other food-borne pathogens. This test, however, is not tried on a human yet.

Cough medicine

Many different cultures use honey as a cough remedy. It can ease a cough during the night and soothe the throat.

Building Immune Systems

Honey contains natural antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that help build the overall immunity of the body. These elements in honey lower the chances of having diseases like cancer, heart, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Weight Loss

Another health use of honey is in weight loss. It should, however, be taken in moderation as it has higher calorie than sugar. Drinking a mixture of lemon, honey and warm water in the morning can have liver metabolism working, and it is good for the liver too.

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